A day out in Bibury

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, so when I was looking through some of my photos on my laptop earlier and I came across these from a day out in the summer, I thought they could provide the subject for a new post.

A close friend of mine from childhood’s sister got married last summer in Bibury, a picturesque village in the Cotswolds. Johnny and I were invited to the evening reception but thought we may as well drive down earlier and spend the day looking round the village (despite the only real attraction being a trout farm…)

So when we got there we parked up and walked along the river towards the trout farm. (www.biburytroutfarm.co.uk, if anyone’s interested… it was actually quite good!)





In the trout farm, we were given some fish food to throw into the pools and it was pretty fun to throw it in and watch all the fish try and get it:




The weird trout stamp you get on your hand – very appropriate for a wedding reception…



Bibury Court Hotel, where the wedding reception was held.


It even had hammocks in the grounds!!!


On our way back to the car we were following an old lady walking her two little dogs. She’d only walk a few steps and then the smallest dog would sit down and refuse to move anywhere. Anyway we obviously caught up with her quite quickly as she wasn’t going anywhere very fast and when we did we bent down to stroke the little dog. As we did so the woman said, “Careful, she’s very nervous!” and right on cue the little dog did a wee. Haha!

I’d like to add that these were all pictures taken in the day before the reception. We didn’t wear jumpers and denim shorts to the reception!! Honest 🙂


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