The view through my horse’s ears

A lovely evening for a ride through the fields – I’ve become slightly addicted to taking pictures through my horse’s ears, but this is definitely one of the nicest. Image


8 thoughts on “The view through my horse’s ears

  1. Haha yeh I imagine – i’m based down in Cornwall so not had snow – just lots of rain and muddy fields – slowly drying out… Why Bailey by the way?! Nothing to do with the drink?!

    • Yeah I saw on your blog, given it a follow your aim is really interesting! You’ve been lucky, horses aren’t as much fun in the snow 😦 Ha I only have him on loan so name choice isn’t mine although I do like it, but I’ve actually never asked his owner why she called him that!

  2. Haha interesting is one word to describe it – insane is one commonly used by everybody else! But i’m gonna stick to my dream and aim high.
    Gutted about the snow, hopefully you’ll miss out on the lot upcoming. Mmmmm, be interesting to find out why Bailey – if it’s to do with the drink will be comedy!

    • These are the fields at the farm, we are so lucky to have them as no one else around us does – mostly road work when we want to leave the yard. But they are really boggy at the moment after all the snow, which has only just started to clear up! Bring on the summer!

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