Can you have fun with horses in the snow?

So it’s been snowing again!! Virtually non-stop since last Thursday evening and then over the weekend, which was a bit of a pain as I had my second interview for the marketing job on Friday morning so had to drive to the other side of Birmingham not only in rush hour traffic but also in the snow – I’d been driving for 20 minutes and was still within walking distance of my house!

The latest onslaught of snow has come at a pretty inconvenient time (aside from the fact it’s the end of March and that this time last year we were sitting in a park in Manchester in the sun). I’ve only just started to get Bailey back into work after his colic issues, as he obviously had to have time off to recover from that and as soon as I started exercising him again he had a terrible cough, so it’s only been in the last week that I’ve moved on from light hacking and into schooling work. So the snow has buggered up my schooling schedule a bit.

But in a way, it’s actually been quite nice. It was snowing when I got to the yard yesterday and so I knew I couldn’t really ride (we have no indoor school) but I was also really conscious about horsey being in the stable all day and night – horses recovering from colic should have time exercising daily if possible, to keep their gut moving. So I decided to get his big outdoor rug on and get him to stretch his legs in the school. The best (and most fun!) way to do this? Run around with him!

Sorry for the poor quality video – I take all my stuff with my iPhone, and this is the first video I’ve put online with it. It was perfect quality on my phone but something’s obviously got lost along the way. I’ll work on it!!!

IMG_2600 IMG_2601 IMG_2602



Anyway it’s been over a week now since the snow arrived and it’s still hanging round – fingers crossed it disappears soon! Hope no one else has had any horsey snow related problems.


The Life Plan

It’s Sunday evening, and the end to a pretty hectic week – a week that has seen “Sarah’s Life Plan” really start moving!

It kicked off at 9.30 on Monday morning with a job interview (finally!) for a marketing internship in Sutton Coldfield. It sounds absolutely ideal and would be a great foundation for a marketing career, so my fingers are crossed but I’m trying not to be too hopeful! The interview went fine (well at least I think it did – how much can you really tell?) although I was nearly late for it which was a bit of a nightmare.

Monday evening was the open evening for the Marketing qualification course I’ve decided to do – although I’ve got great work experience since leaving university, the fact that I’m applying for marketing jobs with a psychology degree puts me at a disadvantage to other candidates with a relevant qualification, so I’m going to do something about it! It starts on Tuesday and I’m excited to gain some theoretical Marketing knowledge and it will definitely help the Life Plan.

Tuesday I spent the entire day at the yard helping out my friends who work there, as one of them was off and it’s a big job for just one person. I even got a blister from the amount of mucking out I did! Slightly embarrassed about that as they do it every single day and you don’t see them getting blisters. Lovely to spend some extra time around the horses anyway, and was left in charge of a vet’s visit to a horse with teeth issues and possible stomach ulcers – very interesting. Also starting to build up Bailey’s weight after his colic, and begin exercising him at a more intense level to help him get back to normal. He’s coughing a lot at the moment though, so it’s going to be a slow process. Bailey’s got his own Life Plan going on!

Then Tuesday evening I went to a BHS (British Horse Society, not British Home Stores!) meeting to investigate the possible chance of becoming a volunteer press officer – basically using the media to publicise the work of the BHS in the West Midlands. Sounds really interesting and also would be great to get some voluntary work on my CV in the marketing and communications area – a definite step forward for the Life Plan!

Wednesday was just one of those days. I went in to work for a meeting with someone who was two and a half hours late, had some real PowerPoint issues with a presentation I’m working on, couldn’t get Bailey to walk two steps without coughing his lungs out and had some bad news about the Marketing course. But it ended well, me and Johnny went to see a band we love play live (Foals – look them up!) which helped cheer me up.

Then Thursday and Friday were slightly less hectic, just helping Johnny do his maths Uni work and hanging out at the yard with Bailey. Not great days for the Life Plan but nice to have a bit of a break I suppose!

Then the weekend – went to the dog show Crufts on Saturday with Johnny, met some amazing little dogs and saw lots of my favourite English Springer Spaniels. Really want to get one now, but I’ll have to wait until I move out and get my own place! Can’t wait though.

Mother’s Day today, spent some time with my mum having a meal in a little pub in Warwickshire, a lovely end to the week. Looking forward to seeing how the Life Plan develops this week – should start with hearing about the results of the job interview! Eek!

Anyway here are some photos of the lovely dogs I met at Crufts – a Clumber Spaniel, Setter and a Springer Spaniel. All gorgeous Gundogs, my personal favourites.




8 reasons why I love the winter…

Recently, I’ve been feeling a bit grumpy about the time of year. But rather than moaning about it (again – I think quite a few of my blog posts have included a little grumble about the weather, and I’ve only done about 4!!), I’ve decided to make a list of things I love about the Winter. It’s mainly for my own benefit so I can remind myself that it’s not all bad….

Note – it definitely won’t include either Christmas songs or snow, as I really do hate both these things!

Here goes:

1. Picking the Christmas tree. This has to be the day I really get into the Christmas spirit. Even though trawling round the abundance of Christmas tree farms in our area can take up pretty much the whole day, it’s so great to find the perfect tree. And take it home and decorate it.

2. Christmas Eve. So much better than New Year’s Eve in my opinion – there is such a good Christmassy atmosphere everywhere! Every Christmas Eve me and my friends head to Moseley, where there are loads of pubs and bars that stay open late so we can celebrate the arrival of Christmas Day together. Plus, you get to have the most amazing hungover lunch the next day!

3. Staying in! Nights in in front of the TV, on the sofa with your duvet and a glass of wine.

4. Giving presents to people – your family/boyfriend/friends/whoever. I’ll admit that this is a pretty standard, uninventive thing that nearly everyone says they love about Christmas, but I like it anyway.

5. You get to wear jumpers ALL the time. I love jumpers, they’re so comfy and easy just to throw on in the morning. Plus they cover your post-Christmas dinner tummy! Result.

6. Even better, animals wear jumpers in the winter! Cute!!!

7. Seeing all your family – I get to see my grandparents. Both my sets of grandparents live too far away from me to visit regularly, and Christmas time is one of the only times of year I’m guaranteed to see them.

8. An excuse to cuddle your horse – Giving your horse a massive cuddle in his stable when your hands are freezing is the best – he’s always warm. I am a horsey person after all!!

So those are the things I love about the winter. I’d love to know what other people love too. xx