Positive Steps!

Just a little post today, full of positivity though!

I had such a productive schooling session with Bailey yesterday, I came out of it feeling really positive and optimistic that we’re finally back on track! I’m going to start having some proper lessons rather than just schooling off my own initiative, as even though I’ve had riding lessons for about 16 years I feel like there’s always more to learn and that sometimes a more experienced eye from the ground can be an invaluable help. And I want to improve as quickly as we can ready for the summer show season. So that’s where me and Bailey are at the moment!


In other news, I received a rejection email after my second interview for the marketing internship but I’m ok with it as I’ve had the best news – a job interview for a job in the marketing and communications department at the British Horse Society HQ! Again, trying not to be too hopeful about it but it would be perfect – I want a marketing career in the equine industry and so this would be a giant leap in the right direction. Eek! Deep breaths…

So this weekend I’m just going to probably prepare for my interview and not do a lot of “fun stuff” (apart from hanging out at the yard obviously)- I went out twice last weekend though (Easter Bank Holiday weekend) and definitely spent more money than I should so I need to have a more chilled weekend! Especially as me and Johnny are off to Paris next weekend so I’ve got to save for that! So much on the to do list for the 3 days. Eiffel Tower here we come…



That’s the first photo I’ve ever put on my blog that I haven’t taken myself – I feel a bit disloyal! Maybe when I get back from Paris I’ll update it with one of my own… lol! 


Can you have fun with horses in the snow?

So it’s been snowing again!! Virtually non-stop since last Thursday evening and then over the weekend, which was a bit of a pain as I had my second interview for the marketing job on Friday morning so had to drive to the other side of Birmingham not only in rush hour traffic but also in the snow – I’d been driving for 20 minutes and was still within walking distance of my house!

The latest onslaught of snow has come at a pretty inconvenient time (aside from the fact it’s the end of March and that this time last year we were sitting in a park in Manchester in the sun). I’ve only just started to get Bailey back into work after his colic issues, as he obviously had to have time off to recover from that and as soon as I started exercising him again he had a terrible cough, so it’s only been in the last week that I’ve moved on from light hacking and into schooling work. So the snow has buggered up my schooling schedule a bit.

But in a way, it’s actually been quite nice. It was snowing when I got to the yard yesterday and so I knew I couldn’t really ride (we have no indoor school) but I was also really conscious about horsey being in the stable all day and night – horses recovering from colic should have time exercising daily if possible, to keep their gut moving. So I decided to get his big outdoor rug on and get him to stretch his legs in the school. The best (and most fun!) way to do this? Run around with him!

Sorry for the poor quality video – I take all my stuff with my iPhone, and this is the first video I’ve put online with it. It was perfect quality on my phone but something’s obviously got lost along the way. I’ll work on it!!!

IMG_2600 IMG_2601 IMG_2602



Anyway it’s been over a week now since the snow arrived and it’s still hanging round – fingers crossed it disappears soon! Hope no one else has had any horsey snow related problems.

my first post

My blog will be a collection of my thoughts, pictures and anecdotes of things that happen to me. My aim isn’t to be particularly interesting, but rather to create an online diary for myself where I can store all my favourite pictures I’ve taken, and look back and remember anything I’ve done.

As this is my first post it doesn’t really have a subject or an aim, so I’ll just start with a few pictures summarising my life at the moment….

This is me and Bailey.

Bailey and I like going out and exploring (although he can quite often be scared of some of the things we meet while we’re out!!)

Bailey will probably end up in a lot of my blog posts as I spend a lot of time with him and take literally hundreds of photos of him – he’s actually one of the reasons I’ve started this blog as I know that the people who have me as a friend on Facebook are probably sick of the sight of him, so now I can put the pictures of him on here instead!! (Although a few will definitely still end up on Facebook….)

This is my boyfriend Johnny, another person who I spend quite a lot of time with and so he will most likely feature in quite a few blogs too. We try and get out and about and do different things, so now this blog will help us record what we’ve done.

Final photo for now – as Halloween was just a few days ago, here’s a picture of the pumpkin I carved. It’s meant to be the Cheshire Cat from Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland, but I thought it made quite a scary pumpkin. It was quite an easy concept but it took me quite a lot longer than I anticipated to carve the teeth!!

Anyway, hopefully my future blog posts won’t be as boring as this one, as they will maybe have some kind of point to them…