Can you have fun with horses in the snow?

So it’s been snowing again!! Virtually non-stop since last Thursday evening and then over the weekend, which was a bit of a pain as I had my second interview for the marketing job on Friday morning so had to drive to the other side of Birmingham not only in rush hour traffic but also in the snow – I’d been driving for 20 minutes and was still within walking distance of my house!

The latest onslaught of snow has come at a pretty inconvenient time (aside from the fact it’s the end of March and that this time last year we were sitting in a park in Manchester in the sun). I’ve only just started to get Bailey back into work after his colic issues, as he obviously had to have time off to recover from that and as soon as I started exercising him again he had a terrible cough, so it’s only been in the last week that I’ve moved on from light hacking and into schooling work. So the snow has buggered up my schooling schedule a bit.

But in a way, it’s actually been quite nice. It was snowing when I got to the yard yesterday and so I knew I couldn’t really ride (we have no indoor school) but I was also really conscious about horsey being in the stable all day and night – horses recovering from colic should have time exercising daily if possible, to keep their gut moving. So I decided to get his big outdoor rug on and get him to stretch his legs in the school. The best (and most fun!) way to do this? Run around with him!

Sorry for the poor quality video – I take all my stuff with my iPhone, and this is the first video I’ve put online with it. It was perfect quality on my phone but something’s obviously got lost along the way. I’ll work on it!!!

IMG_2600 IMG_2601 IMG_2602



Anyway it’s been over a week now since the snow arrived and it’s still hanging round – fingers crossed it disappears soon! Hope no one else has had any horsey snow related problems.


A walk in the snow

When it started to snow last night, my mum immediately started to get worried about how she was going to get to work this morning. She works in the countryside and her car is terrible in the snow. So, she asked if she could borrow my car, which is much better on the icethan hers and so would be safer for her to drive to work. I obviously said yes but that left me in the house without a car today, feeling a little bit stranded!! I’ve been job hunting over the last few weeks and received either no response or just rejections, so the thought of another day alone in my house trawling the internet for vacancies didn’t seem very appealing.

So seeing as I couldn’t go very far I decided to go out for a little walk. Our house backs on to a golf course and when it’s snowy it provides such a beautiful, peaceful space to go for a walk in. Like a park, but without all the other people. It’s amazing what some time to yourself can do for you, and I came back feeling much more relaxed and positive about my situation.